Financed By God!

My Friend! We all come into this world financed by God! Our endless supply is released by simply allowing what we have asked for to flow gracefully into our lives.

For example, a woman came to me and told me how she read each day the first encouragement from my book “Encouragement From Dr. Hank” and the topic about money. Within six weeks she had miraculous circumstances happen that tripled her business!

Here are some inspiring thoughts to land you the money that is “Financed by God!” and that YOU have asked for:

I now draw from the endless supply of God!
All channels are open and free to me to fill me with treasures!
All doors fly open to me and pour unto me like a mountain stream!

I now release the goldmine within me!
The golden stream of wealth comes to me gracefully!
The goodness and mercy of God comes to me in perfect ways!

I now allow God to finance me in great and mighty ways!
My Source is that of plenty which I receive graciously!
My Source allows me the divine right for great avalanches of abundance!

It is so satisfying to know that our supply is endless, inexhaustible and comes to us in perfect ways always! Infinite routes are laid for us that lead to our abundance and all the supply of our desires.

Today, allow your ship of wealth to come in by simply breathing deeply, relaxing and knowing that all that you have asked for shall now be received by you for you are “Financed By God!”


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