My Friend! We increase whatever we praise! All of creation responds to praise and is glad šŸ™‚

As we “GIVE PRAISE” the thoughts and words of such are the most powerful force for good on earth! As we communicate more praise, more abundant praise grows!

Today, let’s give praise to ourselves and say to yourself “well done” for who you are and all the wanted that is coming to you! Take hold of this power of praise and watch it strengthen you beyond what you currently are šŸ™‚

It then takes so little to make people feel better, by just a touch, a word kindly spoken or your open heart that touches another’s soul. Kind words cost nothing and give both to those spoken to and to you! For as you GIVE PRAISE so praise is given back to you šŸ™‚

All doors open to praise, and as you simply ask to start praising yourself and others in every moment, the thoughts shall flow to you from a higher divine Source that shall bless all of us for eternity šŸ™‚


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