Happiness Is Your Inheritance!

My Friend! One of the main reasons we are all here is to experience more happiness! Happiness is our birthright and we can all have more happiness as we ask to have better feeling thoughts 🙂

There is an invincible power that loves us, supports us and want us to be happy for “Happiness Is Your Inheritance”! There is a divine intelligence that is always working on our behalf to bring us this happiness, to help us feel even better and it can come to us with these thoughts:

God shall make way in the wilderness for me to happiness!
God shall make way rivers for me in the desert!

Doors fly open to me as I ask to feel better!
Doors fly open to me as I am relaxed and easy!

I am now on the Royal Road to happiness!
I am now on the Golden Path to my inheritance!

My happiness now flows to me in a steady and ever increasing way!
My happiness now pours into my affairs with ease and in miraculous ways!

There are only solutions that come to my happy mind!
There are only better feeling thoughts that open up my gates of happiness!

You are now paving a new story of happiness in your Life! As you improve on your story today and this week, it is only possible for your Life to get better and better for “Happiness Is Your Inheritance”!


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