My Friend! We increase whatever we praise! All of creation responds to praise and is glad 🙂

As we “GIVE PRAISE” the thoughts and words of such are the most powerful force for good on earth! As we communicate more praise, more abundant praise grows!

Today, let’s give praise to ourselves and say to yourself “well done” for who you are and all the wanted that is coming to you! Take hold of this power of praise and watch it strengthen you beyond what you currently are 🙂

It then takes so little to make people feel better, by just a touch, a word kindly spoken or your open heart that touches another’s soul. Kind words cost nothing and give both to those spoken to and to you! For as you GIVE PRAISE so praise is given back to you 🙂

All doors open to praise, and as you simply ask to start praising yourself and others in every moment, the thoughts shall flow to you from a higher divine Source that shall bless all of us for eternity 🙂


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Choose Your Path!

My Friend!  There are only 2 paths that anyone can choose at any given time.  The path of struggle or the path of joy!  Imagine that there is now a path in front of you that comes to a fork in the road.  You can choose which path you wish to take, the one of struggle or the one of joy 🙂

Know that you can grow on either path.  Each day you have this choice and today choose the path of joy!  Prepare yourself as you simply decide to take the path of joy, moving over easily to begin walking on this path 🙂

Decide that you are willing to have good things come to you!
Decide that you are going to trust the Universe and Your God!
Decide that all the growth you desire is on this joyful path!

You believe in Yourself!
You listen and follow Your inner guidance!
You now catch thoughts of doubt and send them love!

You now have thoughts of confidence!
You now have tapped into Your inner strength!
You now have tuned into Your wisdom and greater perspective!

Throughout the day you feel more confident and sure!
New solutions appear in your mind now!
Answers and creative ideas now show up that lead you to more joy!

You are now experiencing yourself as the new YOU!
You are now confident and powerful!
You are now able to create whatever YOU want!

I ask that you now feel the new you with a new sense of peace, confidence and trust in the Universe!  Experience your vibrancy and aliveness, smile and know that you have now chosen the path of joy!


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Happiness Is Your Inheritance!

My Friend! One of the main reasons we are all here is to experience more happiness! Happiness is our birthright and we can all have more happiness as we ask to have better feeling thoughts 🙂

There is an invincible power that loves us, supports us and want us to be happy for “Happiness Is Your Inheritance”! There is a divine intelligence that is always working on our behalf to bring us this happiness, to help us feel even better and it can come to us with these thoughts:

God shall make way in the wilderness for me to happiness!
God shall make way rivers for me in the desert!

Doors fly open to me as I ask to feel better!
Doors fly open to me as I am relaxed and easy!

I am now on the Royal Road to happiness!
I am now on the Golden Path to my inheritance!

My happiness now flows to me in a steady and ever increasing way!
My happiness now pours into my affairs with ease and in miraculous ways!

There are only solutions that come to my happy mind!
There are only better feeling thoughts that open up my gates of happiness!

You are now paving a new story of happiness in your Life! As you improve on your story today and this week, it is only possible for your Life to get better and better for “Happiness Is Your Inheritance”!


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Restart Your Dreams Today!

My Friend! Our starting point is when we have birthed an idea and are all excited about it! At that point we have the energy of the Universe that will deliver us the goods! Our DREAMS!

Over time, you may start to question, or others may start to question our dreams. Others will even attempt to talk us out of our dreams! We then look at others and the success they are having and we think we are not successful!

We then have a tendency to use our analytical minds, what I call the “committee” that starts the worry, doubt and concern that questions our dreams and sends a contradictory energy to the Universe!

This then gets us engaged in the “HOW” and we start to compare our future needs with our present resources and it is at this point that it is easy to give up!

But as we RESTART and refresh our dreams the mighty wheels of the Universe shall weave a new day with all the resources we need to realize our dreams! So START dreaming, for everything will play out as the only thing that can stop your dreams coming true is YOU!

As you START again your dreams, You can count on God coming through for you today! We are each getting closer to our dreams as we continue to think and ask for our dreams to come true!

So let us RESTART OUR DREAMS TODAY and know that your dreams are backed up by all that is and they will come true as it all starts with YOU!


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You Shall NOW!

My Friend,

I want you to pay attention to what I have to say today 🙂 As I want you to have an understanding about how I feel about you!

I am here to lighten your load and all you need to do is believe what I share with you here:

You shall now triumph over Life!
You shall now experience abundance!
You shall now have more joy!

To be in this Life is YOUR calling!

You shall now reach your dreams easily and quickly!
You shall now do the miraculous!
You shall now enjoy each blessed moment!

This is a new day for YOU!

You shall now have more freedom!
You shall now have more good!
You shall now have more of what you want!

Embrace each moment from this moment forward and know that you shall now enter the kingdom of grace and be blessed with all the growth, freedom and then the prize of them all, more JOY!


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