Your Wish Is My Command!

My Friend!

Don’t you just love the Genie in the lantern story where you rub the lantern and the magical Genie appears, and you get to ask for what you wish for!  Within all of us is a magical Genie that is awaiting and telling you, “Your wish is my command!”

For us to tap into this Genie within, we must be the one to command, for God acts upon your thought, upon your asking!  Today confirm with yourself that you have unwavering faith and belief that what you ask for shall be manifested in your Life. You do not need to know how as you will attract the thoughts, people and things as you simply think about them.  Then allow “the Father to do the work”!

As you feel wonderful about what you want, such as a thriving Life and good health, your good feelings shall match the vibration of your command and the energy of your emotions will take you from a fantasy into a fact and your reality!

Lighten up and enjoy this marvelous Life you have created and know that everything is going to get better for you from now on!


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