Calling Forth The Circumstances I Want!

My Friend!  We have all been under, or are under, circumstances that we do not want.  Fortunately, we ALL have the power to call forth the circumstances that we do want by simply saying this with lots of FEELING:

I have the power to call forth the circumstances I want and I do so now!

I now shine My “Spotlight of Love” on this situation and rise above the circumstances and allow well-being to flow to Me and into this situation!

I am now more committed than ever to raise My intuition, be guided by God, and allow “Inspired Actions” to flow forth!  I want everything in My Life to be resolved to the satisfaction of My desires!

I now allow WELL-BEING to flow powerfully into this situation and provide the solutions that now emerge Me and this situation and all involved with understanding and well-being for My good!

I have risen above conditions and now make My own conditions that please Me and are for My happy outcome for when I am happy so God is happy 🙂

I love being the “Creator of My Experience!”

I love being in the center of the Universe where I call all the good and positive energy to me!  I call it the way I want it and see this situation play out brilliantly to my benefit and the well-being for ALL!

I love having this situation resolved easily and quickly in My favor.  The die is now cast for Me to be free of these circumstances and start creating a delightful, happy and prosperous Life!  And So It Is!

Enjoy your week and your new Life as you call forth the circumstances you want!


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