Your Wish Is My Command!

My Friend!

Don’t you just love the Genie in the lantern story where you rub the lantern and the magical Genie appears, and you get to ask for what you wish for!  Within all of us is a magical Genie that is awaiting and telling you, “Your wish is my command!”

For us to tap into this Genie within, we must be the one to command, for God acts upon your thought, upon your asking!  Today confirm with yourself that you have unwavering faith and belief that what you ask for shall be manifested in your Life. You do not need to know how as you will attract the thoughts, people and things as you simply think about them.  Then allow “the Father to do the work”!

As you feel wonderful about what you want, such as a thriving Life and good health, your good feelings shall match the vibration of your command and the energy of your emotions will take you from a fantasy into a fact and your reality!

Lighten up and enjoy this marvelous Life you have created and know that everything is going to get better for you from now on!


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Calling Forth The Circumstances I Want!

My Friend!  We have all been under, or are under, circumstances that we do not want.  Fortunately, we ALL have the power to call forth the circumstances that we do want by simply saying this with lots of FEELING:

I have the power to call forth the circumstances I want and I do so now!

I now shine My “Spotlight of Love” on this situation and rise above the circumstances and allow well-being to flow to Me and into this situation!

I am now more committed than ever to raise My intuition, be guided by God, and allow “Inspired Actions” to flow forth!  I want everything in My Life to be resolved to the satisfaction of My desires!

I now allow WELL-BEING to flow powerfully into this situation and provide the solutions that now emerge Me and this situation and all involved with understanding and well-being for My good!

I have risen above conditions and now make My own conditions that please Me and are for My happy outcome for when I am happy so God is happy 🙂

I love being the “Creator of My Experience!”

I love being in the center of the Universe where I call all the good and positive energy to me!  I call it the way I want it and see this situation play out brilliantly to my benefit and the well-being for ALL!

I love having this situation resolved easily and quickly in My favor.  The die is now cast for Me to be free of these circumstances and start creating a delightful, happy and prosperous Life!  And So It Is!

Enjoy your week and your new Life as you call forth the circumstances you want!


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Take A Magic Carpet Ride!

My Friend!

Think about the last time you had an intuitive nudge where something felt good and you knew you wanted to act upon it…but didn’t!

Now take that intuitive nudge, that speck of excitement, and think upon it for a few minutes.  It might be a new exciting career or business, or a new friend or prospect that you met that you want to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with…

As you run with this idea that makes you feel good, you shall start creating the energy that calls forth the similar energy of all the Universe!  It is at this point that you “Take A Magic Carpet Ride” as God responds to your prayer, your thought, and delivers to you the most amazing experience that lasts for a lifetime!

Most of our dream machines have been broken and it is now time for you to get your dream machine working!  Shoot for the stars and know that “EVERYTHING THAT IS” is backing you and supporting you as you step onto your carpet and enjoy your Life the way you intended to!

You Are Liquid Love,

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Do More “Thank Abouts”!

My Friend!

We can all have a better Life by simply thinking about the things we appreciate! As we are in a state of appreciation we are telling God “I WANT MORE MORE OF IT!”

The current Life is we live is simply the accumulation of our previous thought and as we THANK ourselves ABOUT that smile, that fun time, this new opportunity and that amazing miracle we are doing “THANK ABOUTS”!

Today, please sit down and write down  “THANK ABOUTS” starting with the first 10 years of your Life, then the next 10 years, until you have come to the last 24 hours of your life.  Now write down all the things you appreciate in the past 24 hours, from obvious things like you woke up this morning, to a smile someone gave you, to a pleasant thought you had about your Life right now.

There is so much for us to be grateful about, to appreciate and to “THANK ABOUT” that soon your mind will be filled with pleasant thoughts and soon your Life will be filled with more of these “THANK ABOUTS”!

To More Happiness For You,

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