You Are Your Business

My Friend! No matter what you do for an income, it is always you that is your business!

It does not matter if you own your own business or work for someone else’s, no matter what your position you can make a positive impact and be happier by doing the following:

1. Find out the need that is not being met well by you!
2. Satisfy this need as only you can do!
3. Believe in yourself and what you are doing!
4. Focus mentally on how you want it to play out!

What this implies is DON’T WORK HARD! Any business is all about you and your business on focusing your thoughts on solutions and asking for the answers!

The offices, business types and positions are simply the tools of trade. This is your playground and it is the way you use your mind on positive outcomes and people that shall bring you your success!

I have a friend whose 18 year old son told him, ‘Dad, I would never want a job, I want passive income’! The father agreed and they built an empire together and helped thousands of people because the son’s desire was PASSIVE INCOME!

What do you want that is not being satisfied by you yet? Once you identify this you have the power to ask for it and answers shall come of out the woodwork and drop right into your lap for YOU are your business!


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