Open Sesame!

My Friend!  What is this “Open, Sesame of Life?  What is the Mental Scientist’s stone that turns everything it ‘touches’ into gold?

It is simply taking any idea or desire and thinking about it consistently with powerful emotion, making it so alive and real, that it carries utter faith with it and establishes that pure and full connection with God and “All That Is”!

We are each magnets to our thoughts and these thoughts create emotions that sends a signal to the Universe saying “I want this”.  You will then draw forth from the heavens manifestations to experience here on earth!

I want you to concentrate right now on something that you want!  It could be more money, better health or relationships.  Now write down this idea of what you want…do it right now!  Then begin to imagine how good it feels to have your desire here now in your experience!

You will start to see miraculous circumstances and out of the blue things pour into your Life.  You will be given all sorts of information, ideas, people and things flowing to you and before you know it, you will be saying “Open Sesame” and all the money, good health and deep feelings with others shall be before your eyes!


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