My Friend! It is the thought of poverty that can be considered the greatest negative thought in the world today. It is the worst enemy of morality and peace and happiness and to BE RICH!

Poverty fills our prisons with thieves, causes us disease and is the foundation of misery in this world. If you ask your Soul, is abundance my Divine right, you shall be answered with a loud and powerful YES! As the Universe is abundant, so you deserve to have abundance and to BE RICH!

There are more riches in this world than mankind can ever exhaust!

There is more power in the atom alone than man can ever use!

There are unlimited resources of food and riches and comfort yet dreamed of!

God is not partial to but a few! All riches are given freely to all and it is as easy as when Ali Baba said “Open, Sesame!” and that opened the treasures of the world! The key is to ask!

Whatever you are thinking about is your asking and it matters not if you are thinking about the past, what is going on in your life or what you want to happen in the future! So ask for YOUR future to BE RICH and filled with love, joy, freedom and all the money for your heart’s desire and it shall be given to YOU!


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