I Give Thanks!

My Friend! This is a wonderful time of year and the perfect time to give thanks for all that we are, all that we have and all that we are becoming!

One of my dear friends, Marcus, calls Thanksgiving his favorite holiday! Indeed it is as we are thankful, and in a state of appreciation, we are telling God “I WANT MORE OF IT!” And so God comes calling with more of these delicious treats of Life!

Let us walk in confidence to the lions in our way, sweeping all our fears away and choosing to be thankful as we run with Spirit and see all the good in our lives! This is a time to rejoice, to choose positive thoughts and to savor the victory that is won with God that lies within us!

We are magnets of the Universe and we give thanks for our whirlwind of success! The decks are cleared for divine well-being to flow to us like a powerful mountain stream now! We have and we hold, from this day forth, the knowing that all is ours by Divine Right!

Let us today call upon the power that is within us, the Kingdom within, and call forth our thankfulness for this day is ours to enjoy, savor and ask for what we want! Nothing is too good for us, everything is available for us and we give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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I See Vividly!

My Friend – We were all born with a vivid imagination but starting in our early years we were taught to be guarded, not to do things and for sure not to dream things for what would happen if they didn’t turn out the way we dreamed…

Fortunately, we all still have our dream machines and now we know that what we think about expands. As we only think about what we want (our dreams) it shall only be possible to have our dreams come true!

It used to be that when things were going well we were told, or we told ourselves, ‘it is too good to be true’. It used to be easier to see failure than success, unhappiness than happiness, disharmony versus harmony. But that is all is our past as of right now!

Affirm to yourself the following and it shall be done to you:

I see vividly my success!
I see vividly my happiness!
I see vividly my harmony!

I see vividly my immediate supply!
I see vividly my endless supply!
I see vividly my dreams coming true!

All this comes from My Higher Power!
All doors fly open to all that I want!
All channels shine brightly for me!

I see vividly my radiant health!
I see vividly my perfect and permanent health!
I see vividly my abundance of everything wanted!

Everything is coming your way now in a blink of an eye! You are free, you are abundant and your dreams now come true in an ever flowing stream! Rejoice, give thanks and know that it is all in your power to see vividly once again!


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The Lighted Path To Alignment

My Friend! There is nothing finer than for each of us to be aligned with God. When we are we will be living our Soul’s Life and this shall open us up to more joy, freedom and growth than we have ever imagined!

Here are the three easy steps to help you be on your Lighted path of Alignment that shall bring you more abundance and more of the things you want:

1. First think about subjects that you like and enjoy. It might be petting your dog, taking walks in the park, watching some fun movie or enjoying reading or writing or painting! Then say to yourself:

“I harbor and encourage thoughts that feel good!”

2. Quiet your thoughts through meditation. I recommend you meditate every day for at least 15 minutes. If you want one of my “Guided Meditations” simply respond to this email for a free meditation of mine called “Connecting With My Inner Being” ๐Ÿ™‚

3. First thing each morning read my “Joy Shop” (if you don’t have one simply ask me…ask and you shall receive) which are good feeling thoughts that will raise your emotions to that of God’s. Then write down what you want, what you appreciate and then pre-pave your day the way you want it. During this time write down:

“I want to connect with my Soul and live my Soul’s Life today!”

As you begin these three steps today, you will expand your imagination, allow more wanted things in your Life and start living in Heaven right here in this beautiful place we call planet earth!

Speaking of beautiful, you are beautiful and oh so special and I adore you and wish you the happiness and abundance that you deserve ๐Ÿ™‚


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3 Things To Teach Your Kids

My Friend – I just became a grandfather this year and have now experienced a new type of love that is beyond any love I have had before. This miracle caused me to ponder on what I want to teach my grandson so he can have the time of his life and all of his dreams to come true!

This then caused me to consider three other miracles that happened in my life and those are my 3 amazing and wonderful sons! I brought them up to have “Unconditional Love”, something I showed them through my example, and also to KNOW that they could be and do anything that they wanted.

These are certainly two teachings as a parent that contributed to the brilliant creators and kind sons that I have been blessed with. However, I now will bring my grandson up knowing these three truths:

The first is for my grandson, Noah, to know that this is a mental world. The physical world we see comes from the mental world in which we think! All he need do is think ceaselessly about what he wants and it will only be possible for him to receive it!

The second teaching is to care most about how he FEELS! This is so, for as we feel good we are living the life of our Soul and aligned with God. It is our feelings that provide the guidance system from our Source and lead us to our Lighted and Golden path ๐Ÿ™‚

The final truth and teaching for Noah is for him to know that he can be, do and have everything and anything he wants! As Christ said, you can do these things and even more, including moving mountains!

As I consider these 3 things to teach your kids, I realized that these are the things that each of us can live by to have theย full and wonderful Life that was meant for us all!


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