We Are All Masters

My Friend! Each of us are Masters of creation for we create through the power of our own thought!

Your thoughts matter! Each thought you have creates energy and this creates matter and this is according and in agreement to all the disciplines of science within the past 5 years 🙂

The most amazing aspect of our ability to create is our ability to create better when we feel better! “The better I feel the better I create!”

The reason better feelings create better is because God communicates to us through our feelings. Bad feelings signal to us that we are not thinking upon this subject as God is, and good feelings are God’s way of telling us we are thinking upon this subject the Godly way!

This is why the most important thing to care about is how you feel! Today, let us all focus on the things that feel better! As we do, we shall have better days and more of the things that we want to be, do and have for we are all Masters!


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