The Garden of Our Minds

Sunflower Field

We become what we think about and we become the content of our mind! Our mind is like a garden…

We choose either weeds or flowers and it is the flowers that we plant that makes us feel good! The weeds will grow if we are not deliberate in our thinking. Weeds don’t need any sunshine (positive thoughts) or water (good feeling thoughts) as the weeds will grow if we don’t plant the seeds of our desires 🙂

Weeds are your worries, fears and those things that you do not like. Weeds will have no place to grow as you plant flowers in your mind. Flowers are the abundance of all things wanted and all things that make you feel good!

Our minds shall never remain empty and right now let us choose to sow our garden with the sweetness and beauty of flowers and then watch as we reap our harvest!


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