Laugh and Play More!

Beauty joyful teenage girl with sunflower enjoying nature and la

Today, let us ask for and then focus on more things to laugh about and more things to be playful about! As we do so we will feel better and this brings us in harmony with our higher power!

Say to yourself right now, “No matter where I go, no matter who I am with and no matter what, it is my dominant intent to feel better.” As you feel better, you will lighten up and this will help you to no longer think about the lack of things that you want, but rather help you focus on the abundance of things that you want!

This is why the power of laughter and playfulness will help you feel better and this will then attract more of what you do want, and then you will starting living a miraculous life!

And where do you find more laughter and more things to be playful about…by simply asking, “Today I want to laugh more, smile more and find things more things that are playful,” and within a few minutes you will receive that which you have asked for and a whole lot more during this great day!


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