Reprogramming Your Mind

Positive Thoughts For Self Esteem Building

To improve the quality of our lives we must improve the quality of our thinking! This all starts with improving our belief in ourselves. When I was brought up I was emotionally abused and I didn’t think I was much of anything.

I changed my thinking and now believe that I am indeed made in the image and likeness of God!

I attract all good things - affirmation

Another great and easy way to reprogram our minds is to EXPECT the best of ourselves and every situation we are in. As we develop this self expectancy we become the self fulfilling prophecy from which we think. We are all the attractors of people and circumstances through our thoughts, so let us think good thoughts about ourselves and this world!

We are all magnets and whatever we dwell upon grows into our experience. As we water and fertilize our minds with good feeling thoughts we shall have a harvest of all our dreams coming true.

Our minds can only hold one thought at a time and we are the chooser of these thoughts being positive or negative. As we consistently have positive thoughts on who we want to be, it is only possible to be this extraordinary person for which you want to be!


The mind shall not stand idle and it is up to us to reprogram our minds and fill them with good, wanted and positive thoughts. Unhappiness is caused by our negative and unwanted thoughts so let us all commit to ourselves this week to be happy with our positive and wanted thoughts!


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