The Secret of the Ages

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We all have available to us a power and intelligence to achieve our desires and rise up to the mountain top of our lives!

You can tap into this infinite intelligence when you make clear, unequivocal decisions to move forward in the direction that feels best to you.  This is the source of intuition, your hunches, flashes in insight and those tender and inspiring times when you are motivated and inspired!

We have all experienced the times when we get the perfect answer or the creative solution and this is when we are tapped in, tuned in and turned on to to this magnificence which is the secret of the ages!

We all stand immersed in this intelligence that touches something deep within all of us.  We only need to ask and then allow this loving energy to flow to us powerfully and fully!  It is at these times that our minds sparkle with a steady stream of brilliant ideas and thoughts that make our heart sing!

50275667_sToday, right now, ask to embrace this loving intelligence as the Universe obeys the conscious mind, your conscious mind and what you ask for.  Get excited and enthusiastic about your goals!  Have your dreams clear, concise, and specific.  Be completely committed to your goals, dreams and desires.  EXPECT what you want to come to you as this intensifies the rate at which divine thoughts shall come to you.

Get relaxed and expect the secret of the ages to flow all the solutions and answers to everything you want and then watch as this divine energy flows powerful into your life!


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Dr. Hank Seitz
America’s Business Performance Expert
Award Winning & Top Selling Author
Guaranteed Measurable Results, Inc.
Improving Business Performance and Personal Lives Since 1995
(214) 753-7204
Named America’s Expert In Business & Performance Development

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