Fast Path To Your Dreams – 7 Mental Clarity Steps


It is only possible to realize our dreams if we can first ask for what we want. To help you gain mental clarity on what you want, answer these 7 questions that will put you on your dream path:

  1. Ask yourself, what do I value most…what is the most important thing to me? All desires start with what we value. Values could include integrity, freedom, happiness, quality, being productive, knowledge, harmony, serving others, or being the best at what you do.

Values are something that you either have or don’t. It’s like being pregnant, you either are or you are not! Your actions show your values and as you choose your highest values in your actions, your self-esteem raises and you will create more of what you want in your life.

A helpful tip might be to consider 3 people who you admire most and that have influenced you the most. What values do these people have that are so admirable, right, and good that you wish to live by as well?

As you increase your awareness of your values, your self concept will increase and you will align with your Self Ideal (vision of yourself), Self Image (how you think about yourself), and your Self Esteem (how you FEEL about yourself) will increase. Self Esteem rises when you behave based on your values. Write down the top 3 things that you value the most right now!

Pen, Writing, Letter.

2. Then write down what your 3 most important goals, what you want and desire, are in your life. Ask yourself, what am I doing to achieve these goals today, this week, and this month.

3.  Write down what you would do today if you only had 30 days to live. This will help you get to the core of what you want.

4.  Now imagine that you just attracted $10 million. Write down what you would do in the next 30 days! Have fun with this and dream a lot!

5.  Ask yourself, what have I always wanted to do, but didn’t do? Usually this is tied to some of our fears that have prevented us from moving forward with our goals and desires. You can do anything and it all starts with you writing down and becoming clear on the deep-rooted desires that lie dormant within you.

6.  Now what is the most wonderful thing that you love to do? If you just had 24 hours left in your life, what would you do? Ask yourself what do I love doing as the answer provides you the direction of your passions.

7.  Ask yourself and then write down what is the greatest goal, the greatest desire that makes your heart sing, that you would like to achieve? Dare to dream and expand your imagination and make a commitment to taking one step towards your dream today!

As you ask yourself and act upon these 7 questions you will have a greater sense of mental clarity and be on the fast path to your dreams!

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