Tapping Into Your Genius!

Genius text alphabets written over blue grey background.

We live in a creative world and everything that comes to us is by way of our thoughts!  We know that sweating harder and working harder doesn’t get us near as far as focused thinking.

Kid Creativity Education Concept, Child Learning Art Mathematics

Our creative thought starts with our own self concept.  We are born geniuses but by the age of 7 only 4% of our creativity is left.  We have been told to be guarded, don’t touch that, don’t say this and we get pounded down with “don’t” enough to where we conclude it is best to just do what “they” say.  Children gradually learn, at a deep level, that it is not smart to get off the beaten path but rather do as others want, not as you want!

The creative factor and our genius becomes a latent talent, a buried facility of the human mind.  Fortunately, we can stimulate our creativity and tap into our genius and be in the lap of extreme intelligence and the supermind!  We can all tap into a higher intelligence that is different than the text books.  As we use our creative intelligence we will dramatically improve our lives 🙂

The most creative people of all time, including Einstein and Christ, have tapped into this high level of intelligence.  It is the source of all pure creativity, all great innovations and all major breakthroughs of humanity.  Mozart wrote his music perfect the first time.  He would have the entire symphony in his mind and begin to write his genius music and the most beautiful music of all time.  Beethoven was deaf as he wrote most of his music as the entire symphony would come into his mind.  Einstein would see complex mathematical equations.  Edison, the greatest modern day investor, spoke of how he tapped into this higher intelligence daily.

Business Person Have Bright Idea Light Bulb

And all of us have tapped in this intelligence as well!  We all have had the insights of the geniuses, the only difference is that they trusted and believed in the value of their insights, for they valued themselves!  Our creativity is not limited and we all have a way to improve the how we think and do things.  As we think, imagine and talk about the things we want to come into our lives, they will!  Our lives are simply the expression of our thoughts.

Tapping into your genius starts with your own self image!  You have the power to improve your self image by being kind to yourself and only thinking and saying good things about yourself.  Take out the words busy, work hard, sinner (a term used in Christ’s time to simply mean we are off target…our thinking is off target), bad with names, bad memory, getting old, not lucky, comparing yourself to others and start talking about who you really are!

Love Your SelfYou are a genius and as you start to think this way, talk this way and be this way, you will tap into your genius.  You are made in the image and likeness of this divine intelligence! Start being who you really are.  And who you are?  You are a magnificent creator and you create with your thoughts!  As you raise your self esteem and awaken to your brilliance, all you need do is ask to tap into your genius and you will, one moment at a time and before you know it you will be living the Life of your soul’s intention!  Happy, free, joyful and forever growing to your greatest possibility!   AMEN!

Love, Dr. Hank







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