What Are You Broadcasting!

What Are You Broadcasting?
My Friend – We are all sending out a signal, what Napoleon Hill referred to as VIBRATIONS in our book “Think, FEEL & Grow Rich!”  We are broadcasting a signal that goes out to the Universe and is then answered immediately!
On the lower vibration signals, similar to the lower radio station of say 620 AM FEAR radio, we are sending out signals of the things that are making us upset, angry or disappointed.  We are then given more similar thoughts, people and conditions that make us more upset, angry or disappointed.
Fortunately, We can tune Ourselves to the high flying station of 106.1 FM, the Love station!  When We do, We experience more good things that we like and that makes Us happy, free, and delivers to Us Our wishes!  Read the following and it will raise You up and start tuning You into the things that make Your heart sing!
I fill My now with things that make Me feel good!
I include the higher flying thoughts that make Me feel good!
I activate the vibration of what I want to feel good!
My point of what I attract is what I am broadcasting!
My choice is to put on the air the things that I enjoy!
My broadcast time is filled with what I want!
I feel glad and am eager to know the good that is coming!
I know My Life is becoming more abundant, easy and fun!
I am that which I desire to be!
You are now tuned into Your Source, for as You feel Good so God feels good and this is all We need to be to all that We want!


Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I have tuned My dial to the frequency of what I want!

What People Are Saying About Encouragement From Dr. Hank

“Dr. Hank has been a mentor, coach, friend and passionate thought leader in my life for well over a decade. This “share” seemed very fitting today as we’re all striving to reach our potential and become our greatest possibility. Happiness is the fastest path!” -Kellie Caldwell, L’dara International

“Dr. Hank, thanks to you who coached and encouraged me to set my intentions for what I want and not what I don’t want!  I did it and now am following in your footsteps.”  Dr. Ann M Kappel

“You guys have no idea how much your mindset and life will change after spending 6 weeks with the fabulous Dr. Hank Seitz!”  Maria Samano, Branch Manager, Ultima Real Estate, Inc.

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how great your coach is!  And you’re the best!”  Anthony Carver

“Thank you for Dr. Hank and his wisdom that keeps me on my lighted path. Thank you for how you blessed him in all that he touches.”  Brenda Love, Real Estate Agent

“Dr. Hank is a phenomenal business and life coach. I made 4 times more money last month than any month ever before. Dr. Hank’s coaching and teachings are absolutely life changing.” Dina Lima, Real Estate Agent, Mom and now Happy.

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