Answers To Double Your Success!

Here are some truths and one easy step to double your success and have more of your dreams come true!


The most powerful single force in all of nature is our own individual mind! The successful keep their minds gently and softly focused on what they want to have happen, not what is happening!


visualize success advice - white chalk text  on a vintage slateThe most important Law of Success is to know that any thought, plan or desire that is held continuously in our mind must come to pass!  To do this you need only keep your mind focused on what you want to happen and to think, talk and visualize only that which you desire.  Our lives are but the out picturing or expression of our continuous conscious thoughts so let’s make our lives filled with what makes us feel good!


This Law of Success comes about when we are able to tap into what Ray Dalio, the great hedge fund guru, called the “Super Mind”.  Each of us have the power to tap into our “Super Mind” or what I call our “Higher Mind”.  You just need to hold your mind upon your aspirations and they will come true for you!


To stimulate your “Super Mind” and receive all the answers and solutions to everything in your life, take these steps that will double your results and take your happiness to a new level:


1.  Write down your clear and specific desires you want.
2.  Write down any pressing challenges that you want answers to.
3.  Write down any other questions you want answers to.


Woman Breathing Fresh Air At SunsetAfter you write these down then sit in a quiet place and breathe deeply for 15 minutes. State your questions for as you ask you shall receive. This is a beautiful and powerful way to tap into your “Super Mind” where all the answers and solutions await you!  Ghandi would sit in silence all Sunday night doing this and he freed India!  You can do this for 15 minutes and tap into all the answers and solutions to bring your dreams into your reality and double your success!

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