Tapping Into Your Essence

You Body Spirit Soul Mind HealthyMost of us believe that there is more to our being than just our physical reality as our flesh, blood and bones than we all know ourselves to be.  There are many labels that we have used in this society to label this extension of ourselves that include our Soul, God, Source and the Universe.  But words alone are unable to explain this wiser and larger part of us that I refer to as our “Higher Essence”.

It is all valuable to understand the role that our Higher Essence plays in our lives as it will catapult us to a robust and abundant life that is filled with more joy and freedom than we can now imagine.

Every thought, word and action that you offer has a backdrop of this broader perspective and is communicating with you if it is what you really do or don’t want.  As you bump up against things you do not want, in this moment is birthed what you do want!  As you make a conscious decision to guide your thoughts only to what you do want, you will begin to feel better and better.  This is so for as you are thinking and feeling as your “Higher Essence” you begin to be more at one with the all of you.

50275667_sAs you desire to think thoughts that feel good, you will be guided into alignment with this
broader perspective and things will become better and better for you.  As you align and have the good feeling from the good thoughts of your essence you shall be guided to more and more of these good feeling thoughts that will tap into creative intelligence and provide you with all the answers and solutions that you have asked for.  This is the how you can now ‘ask for and then receive’ that which you desire.

The essence of you is always focused on your immense value!  When you focus on a flaw or a bad situation you are in, you feel bad because this grander perspective that is within you, the Kingdom that lies within you, has different thoughts and feelings about you and any situation you are in.  For all bad feelings are necessary to discover the better feelings, but the better feelings won’t blossom into your life until you stop focusing on the flaws and bad situation and realize the beauty that these situations have birthed.

Your “Higher Essence” only chooses to focus on your happiness, worthiness and success! As you continue to choose better feeling thoughts and speaking about the things you want and desire, you will gently and softly tune into the magnificence of who you really are!

Love,  Dr. Hank





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