“Everything You Want Exists!”

My Friend,

Everything we want exists and we will see it as we recognize that the key to everything we desire rests with our emotions.

Our desires call everything forward and they are at our door awaiting our good thoughts of abundance.  As we think about the things we want, knowing that everything we ask for we can receive, our good thoughts move to our good feelings 🙂

As we find the feelings that match what we want the steady flow of it shall come to us in the perfect portions and timing.  As we become excited about things not seen but felt, this feeling shall lead us to our desires!  This is the secret to the Universe and is now yours to enjoy.

I feel it before it comes!
This feeling is the miracle that I create!
I am now excited about the things to come!
I feel it before it comes!
This is the path to all that I want!
I am now on the road to my desires!

I feel it before it comes!
Nothing comes until I create the feeling!
I am now a believer that everything I want exists!

It is because of our good feelings that all things come from the unseen to the seen.  Let us all stand tall today and focus on good feeling thoughts that move everything into our experience 🙂

Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I have accomplished the manifestation of good emotion!  This is all I need for it will lead Me to My desires!

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