Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Set Yourself Up For Satisfaction!”

I Set Myself Up For Satisfaction!
My Friend,
Whatever We focus on and think about will come Our way!  This can be either good or bad news depending on what We are focusing on!  It is My knowing that God wants Us to focus on good things, which are things that We want and that make Us feel good 🙂
The focus of Our ideas is the first step to manifest what We want!  The below words will help YOU to focus upon these things You want to then have these things come to YOU:
I am setting Myself up for satisfaction!
I focus upon what is easy and fun!
I am transformed into what I want to be, do and have!
This is a new day now for Me!
I focus on a new reality that is filled with abundance for Me!
This is a good day that I make based on what I focus on!
I am setting Myself up for Satisfaction!
I ask for things that I believe I can have easily!
I think about fun things that are right here with Me!
I am a magnificent Creator!
I call forth the energy of God to create on My behalf!
I now feel the energy of God flowing to and through Me!
I am setting Myself up for Satisfaction!
I have no limits!
I am free!
I am blessed!
I am whole!
I am it!
Today let Us all take pleasure in Life!  Know that profound timing is upon You and that more Joy is being cast upon You as You become satisfied knowing that all that You are is available to YOU right now!
Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

My dominant thoughts are of well-being, health, wealth, longevity, abundance of what I want and most of all happiness!

What People Are Saying About Encouragement From Dr. Hank

“Thank you for Dr. Hank and his wisdom that keeps me on my lighted path. Thank you for how you blessed him in all that he touches.”  Brenda Love, Real Estate Agent

“I just hit the 100% Club in Real Estate and my business continues to grow and flourish!  Thank you Dr. Hank for all that you have done to help me realize my potential and vision for my life!  I am off to visit Spain because of you!”

“Dr. Hank is a phenomenal business and life coach. I made 4 times more money last month than any month ever before. Dr. Hank’s coaching and teachings are absolutely life changing.” Dina Lima, Real Estate Agent, Mom and now Happy.

“I went from no business to 2 new listings, referral partners and more business opportunities than I could even imagine because of Dr. Hank’s “Top Performers”. He helped me realize that I can create the life of my dreams.” Jeffrey Smith, Ultima Real Estate

“Dr. Hank taught me how I can have anything that I want including more business, better health and a thriving life. I would recommend Dr. Hank to anyone that wants to have more of everything they want.” Robi Montague, Successful and Happy Business Person

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