Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “The Recipe For Happiness!”

My Friend!  I love the phrases “Seek and You shall find!”, “Knock and the door shall be opened” and “Ask and You shall be given!”.  Seeking, knocking and asking are indeed all we need to think of for all that we want!
Below is a recipe for happiness that We each have the power to create in our lives easily and briskly.  Consider the following steps for Your happiness starting now 🙂
1.   Seek joy first and foremost!
2.   Seek reasons to laugh today!
3.   Seek and then offer praise to Yourself and Others!
4.   Seek beauty in nature, animals and other Beings!
5.   Seek reasons to Love!
6.   Seek that which uplifts YOU!
7.   Seek Opportunities to uplift Another!
8.   Seek a feeling of well-being!
9.   Know that Your value is only measured in Your JOY!
10. Know that You have absolute Freedom to be, do and have it ALL!
These are the 10 Commitments to live by and the recipe for happiness. Unlike the 10 Commandments which are mostly about what You don’t want, these are everything You do want!  As You ask for these things in Your Life, it will only be possible to receive them for this is the RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS!
Dr. Hank

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