Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “I Am THE Navigator!”

My Friend – Today, let us give up being the passenger in Our Lives and instead be the Navigator!  Let us give up being the servant to Life and be the Master that We all have the ability to be!
We can become the Navigator by withdrawing Our attention from the outside world and focus instead on the Inside World where all change occurs!  As we focus deliberately on the thought that we determine, instead of what the world determines, We will all get that which We want!
No longer shall We accept outside conditions and circumstances​.  Instead, today let Us all stand tall, stand in Our grace and take control of the outside world by imagining how We want our condition and circumstances to be.
It is Our all powerful mind that dictates where We are going!  There is no power working against You and all the power in the Universe is playing on Your behalf.  It is Our prayer today that brings Our tomorrow and Our prayer is not only with our hands in prayer and on Our knees, but Our prayer is Our every moment of thought.
Today, let Us choose to be the Navigator of Our Life by thinking loving thoughts about the abundance and joy that is coming Our way!
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I choose to sync up with My Source to experience a grander Life!

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Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “What Ropes Are You Pulling On!”

My Friend – We are all pulling on ropes with Our thoughts and whatever rope we are pulling on comes to Us.  One thought leads to the next thought that leads to more emotional thoughts and eventually We pull into Our experience whatever those strings of thought are!
This idea of pulling on ropes reminds Me of when our cruise ship docked in Sweden.  I watched as the crew threw a small rope onto the pier.  The People on shore started to pull this small rope that was then tied to another larger rope and eventually led to a 2 foot diameter rope that drew this ship to the dock!
We all want Our ship to come in and We all have the power and ability with Our thought to choose the ship of abundance to flow easily and powerfully into our Lives 🙂
This week ask Yourself what ropes You are pulling on and ponder if it is the highest and best thought for these subjects:
My RELATIONSHIPS are tender, loving, deep and meaningful 🙂
My JOB is fun and leading Me to more abundance and happiness!
My HEALTH is getting better and I feel and look younger!
I AM soft, gentle and loving to Myself and to All 🙂
I THINK about how I want to see My world!
I FEEL good and pay more attention to My feelings than anything else!
I FOCUS on My abundance and joyful Life that is coming to Me!
I ALIGN with My broader knowing and perspective!
I INVITE all the good things that I desire to come to Me easily and powerfully!

Each moment of every day We are ALL pulling on ropes of thoughts that lead to the Life We live tomorrow.  Let Us all pull on the string of thoughts that lead to the large ropes that dock the ship of Our dreams!

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Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought: I initiate thoughts of the things that I do want and enjoy having in My experience!

Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “I AM Going To Be Happy!”

My Friend!  All of us have the power to be happy and when we are, we are connected with our Source, our God!  We came here to be happy and as we are so all the things we have asked for shall flow into our Life 🙂
Everything that you want will come to you by being happy!  People ask me “How can I get more money?” and I tell them to be happy for the path to all things wanted is an emotional path of happiness 🙂
All you need to do is believe that Your happiness shall deliver to You all that You want, and You will start seeing the evidence of that which is not seen flow into Your experience and be seen!  Read the following each morning this week and I guarantee You that more of Your dreams shall start coming true as You become happier:
I have decided to be happy in each moment!
I am going to be happy!
I allow the goodness of God to give me what I want!
I have decided to lighten up today!
I am going to enjoy this day!
I allow good feeling thoughts to flow to Me!
I have decided to be happy!
I am going to laugh more today!
I allow Myself to to focus on only that which is playing out well for Me!
I have decided to love more!
I am going to look for the love and good in everything!
I allow Myself to enjoy the good and happy Life!
I have decided to count My blessings!
I am going to skip and whistle down My happy path today!
I allow Myself to look for positive aspects in everything today!
I have decided to look for good things coming My way today!
I am going to stand in My natural state of being a happy person!
I allow Myself to be glad, appreciate and love Me today!
As You direct Your thoughts to happiness, it is then only possible to be happy! Let Us all connect with Our true selves and be in the pure state of Joy as we are happy today!  Love, Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

In My happiness I am lined up with everything that I have become and everything that I have asked for!