Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Magnetize Yourself!”

Magnetize Yourself!
My Friend!

We are all magnets with Our thoughts!  As We think about any subject, for at least a minute, the Universe begins to respond with similar thoughts, people and circumstances in our Life.

Most of Us have experienced this phenomenon when We are having a bad day and We say to Ourselves “It can’t get any worse than this…” and then it does!  To make sure We all attract the things that make Us FEEL GOOD, read the following as You breathe deeply and connect to Your Source:
I am magnetic to My higher good!
I find Myself in balance with My inside and outside world 🙂
I proceed when I FEEL GOOD!
I am open to receive!
I think about more good things 🙂
I attract what I want towards Me!
I am allowing more good in My Life!
I start choosing My good intentions 🙂
I receive that good which I think about!
By You simply reading these encouraging thoughts You are magnetizing Yourself to the good that eagerly awaits YOU!

Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I see Myself as a magnet, realizing more and more of what I do want!

What People Are Saying About Encouragement From Dr. Hank

“If everyone was touched by your healthy teachings this would truly be a better world. Our world needs your knowledge and positive energy! Eternally thankful!” Maria Araujo

“Dr. Hank is a phenomenal business and life coach. I made 4 times more money last month than any month ever before. Dr. Hank’s coaching and teachings are absolutely life changing.” Dina Lima, Real Estate Agent, Mom and now Happy.

“I went from no business to 2 new listings, referral partners and more business opportunities than I could even imagine because of Dr. Hank’s “Top Performers”. He helped me realize that I can create the life of my dreams.” Jeffrey Smith, Ultima Real Estate

“Dr. Hank taught me how I can have anything that I want including more business, better health and a thriving life. I would recommend Dr. Hank to anyone that wants to have more of everything they want.” Robi Montague, Successful and Happy Business Person

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