Encouragement From Dr. Hank – “Sense With Source!”

My Friend!

There is nothing more exhilarating than harmonizing our physical world with the Inner World from which we come 🙂 It is all merely a matter of simply accepting the existence of the Inner World that it shall show Itself to Us!

I ask each day to sense with and through Source, to be at one with God. I ask to hear with Source, to see with Source, smell with Source, taste with Source, touch with Source, feel with Source and to think with Source. Ask and you shall receive and your prayers are answered.

For example, one early evening last week I got out of my car and I was struck by the most beautiful song being sung by a bird. I looked up and from a far distance I could see this bird happily singing away as I then witnessed the most beautiful sunset with colors deeper and more robust than I had ever seen. I could smell and taste the freshness in the air after the earlier rain. The breeze was gently touching my cheeks as if it were God’s breath upon me 🙂 I felt so good and then thought how I was now at one with God, sensing with Source!

As I stood in this miraculous moment a man I know walked by, looking at me, then looking up and trying to determine what I was looking at. He then shook his head in confusion and likely thought “that Dr. Hank must be in lala land again!”

Indeed, all of us have had these treasured moments, whether it be running as a child and feeling so free or walking in a park or being in the embrace of a loved one. These are the moments that we had always wanted and these can now be the moments that we can now seek and findeth, ask and be given, knock and the beautiful door of joy shall be opened for you as you Sense With Source!

Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I find My Joy in simple and easy places such as in nature, at the park and in My good feeling thoughts!

What People Are Saying About Encouragement From Dr. Hank

“If everyone was touched by your healthy teachings this would truly be a better world. Our world needs your knowledge and positive energy! Eternally thankful!” Maria Araujo

“Dr. Hank is a phenomenal business and life coach. I made 4 times more money last month than any month ever before. Dr. Hank’s coaching and teachings are absolutely life changing.” Dina Lima, Real Estate Agent, Mom and now Happy.

“I went from no business to 2 new listings, referral partners and more business opportunities than I could even imagine because of Dr. Hank’s “Top Performers”. He helped me realize that I can create the life of my dreams.” Jeffrey Smith, Ultima Real Estate

“Dr. Hank taught me how I can have anything that I want including more business, better health and a thriving life. I would recommend Dr. Hank to anyone that wants to have more of everything they want.” Robi Montague, Successful and Happy Business Person

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