Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “For Everything Wanted!”

My Friend,

I have come to appreciate the blessings that come from those people who oppose me as well as those who I have opposed. For everyone and everything that I have not liked has birthed new awareness of what I do like. No longer do I pay attention to the unliked and unwanted.

These new found desires await us as we are “For Everything Wanted” and allow this good to come into our experience. Christ said “Turn the other cheek” and this simply means that we no longer need face the people or things that we do not like, but instead focus on the positive outcomes that result from these interactions.

Whatever we choose to focus our attention on grows in our lives. No longer shall we fight against anything for we don’t want to empower it! Instead, we can now simply say “This is what I don’t want,” and then ask “What do I want?” The answer shall come easily and fully, for these are the Godly things upon which we can now focus our powerful attention.

Let us all stand today and identify what we do like and what we do want, as we shall then be led to all the things that please us and God! As we rise up ​”​For Everything Wanted​”​ we shall be in a better place and bring about a better world.

Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought:

All opposition has helped Me see the problem and birth a better preference and Life for Me!

What People are Saying about Encouragement from Dr. Hank:

“It is because of these Encouragements that my life and business are now thriving. It is amazing on how your teaching has made my dreams come true!” Len McPherson

“Your Encouragements have uplifted me and my family and helped make my Life so much better! Thanks Dr. Hank!” Tim Autry

“All I can say is Wow, I needed these Encouragements! This is the fastest route to making my day good again!” Catherine Young

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