Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Overcome Anything Today!”

My Friend,

The current situation that is bothering you can be overcome quickly and easily…in fact, in minutes if you will allow it! Here is how:

First, we must understand that the only condition we can change is how we feel!  Once we change how we feel we can change anything that is not working out right now for us.  If you find yourself not feeling good about some situation simply do the following:

1. Sit down and write out what the unwanted situation is, admit that is does indeed exist, then admit you can’t do anything about it and that you can’t even accept it!
2. Step 1 helps you to face what you don’t want and face the greatest fears that you have about the situation.  In step 2 write “If this could change here is how I would feel” and start writing out how you would feel that might include:

I would feel better.  I would feel at ease.  I would feel confident.
I would feel freer.  I would feel blessed.  I would feel happier.

Within one minute you will begin to distance yourself from the condition and start to feel better!  You will then begin to attract thoughts about what you do want and this will lead you to overcoming the situation and instead create the situations you do want!

We all have the power right now to stop thinking about things that don’t feel good and trouble us.  As we begin to give our attention to those things that feel good we will start to attract the things that do feel good.  Before you know it, you will be having more and more situations that you do like, for whatever you think about will grow in your Life!


Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought:

If I want to be over there, then I must think and feel about what is over there.

What People are Saying about Encouragement from Dr. Hank:

“It is because of these Encouragements that my life and business are now thriving. It is amazing on how your teaching has made my dreams come true!” Len McPherson

“Your Encouragements have uplifted me and my family and helped make my Life so much better! Thanks Dr. Hank!” Tim Autry

“All I can say is Wow, I needed these Encouragements! This is the fastest route to making my day good again!” Catherine Young

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