Teaching The Children To Be Deliberate Creators At Dallas ISD

Principal Christian Ruiz at C. F. Carr Elementary and I as “Principal of the Day” had an amazing time together as I played Principal and learned how the kids have so many dreams that they can come true for them!
The children were brilliant as they so enjoyed hearing that they can create whatever they desire with their thoughts.  They discovered that they had thoughts that would not get them what they wanted including focusing on a bad grade, a bully or how they felt bad because they weren’t as well liked as some others.
Instead, we talked about how they have the power in this present moment to feel good by simply thinking about things that are going well.  They gave examples about those good feeling thoughts that included being liked by their teacher, about the good grades they did receive and about how lucky they were to be with such a good school that C.F. Carr!
This day is so rewarding as I was part of Dallas ISD that helps so many kids with their education and an opportunity for them to all be more, have more and become more!  All of us can get more involved and help our children and their children have a better education and life.
Knowledge rests at the pinnacle of mankind’s development and growth to a brighter future and our educational system is a critical pathway to this end.  Let us join together with our hearts, minds and spirits as we answer the call to develop our priceless resource of education.
Let’s all get involved with our kid’s education and if in Dallas @DallasISD
Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank Seitz
Inspiration Speaker & Author

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