Student Grades Relates To The Behaviors Of The Teachers…Same For Business!

Student grades have been found to relate to one of the 4 behaviors of mankind.  These four behaviors are described as being either Dominant, Influential, Steadiness or Compliant; commonly referred to as the DISC Behaviors.  The best to worse grades of the students went in the order of:

The best grades primarily went to the C or Compliant students.

The second best grades primarily went to the S or Steadiness students.

The second lowest grades went to the D or Dominant students.

The lowest grades went to the I or Influential students.

This explanation lies in an understanding of how cultural fit is so crucial to success!  An analysis of the teachers found that they were dominated by high Compliant and then Steadiness behaviors.

Just as Job Performance is directly tied to one’s match of the job requirements and the talents they bring to the task, students who best matched their teacher’s behavioral styles, and therefore the teacher’s expectations, received the best grades!  The farther removed the students were from the desired culture their professor provided, the worse their grade point average.

The same holds true in the business world as the more the candidate matches the job and talent requirements, the more productive they will become.  Likewise, the more the employees match the culture that management has created, the more successful the business will be.

If you would like to know how to measure your people, jobs, candidates and make your business more successful, contact Dr. Hank for a free consultation at  214-753-7204


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