Time For CEO’s To Step Up and Attract The Talent!

It is Time for CEO’s to Step Up and Attract The Talent!  

Survey: 61% of CEOs Haven’t Taken Steps
to Identify Talent Management Strategies

By Dr. Hank Seitz

It’s clear today’s CEOs are losing confidence in human resources departments, or at least in some of the talent that is hired, or should it be lack of talent hired…

While no employees and departments are truly indispensable, there has been growing concern on how to capture the limited pool of talented candidates.

The first step to the solution is to be able to measure the talents of the candidates and current employees.  

Until now, there was not a tangible method to measure the talent of an individual, much less the talent required by the job.  

The good news and a proven track record to increase productivity by 30% and retention by 50% (on average) is to use Dr. Hank’s HDRx Productivity Plan that first benchmarks the job of the talents required and then measures the candidate or employee’s talents.

This becomes a sure fire solution to capture the talent and ensure the right person is in the right job!  For more information on how you can reap these benefits, personally to be more effective, or to be used with your employees and have THE hiring solution contact Dr. Hank at DrHank@FeelRich.us

Are you ready to step up…


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