Fed Up with Turnover, Employee Engagement Campaign Boosts Profits By $4.5 Million!

Company Improves Hiring Process Through Assessing Talents, Behaviors and Motivations!  

By Dr. Hank Seitz 

Frustrated by employee turnover, differing approaches to business and clashing personalities, managers at a chain of grocery stores in Tyler, Texas, decided to put their resources into refocus on their approach to hiring. For this large organization, the decision has paid off handsomely by adding $4.5 million to bottom line profit!


Like many businesses, the privately-owned chain initially dismissed using behavior, motivational and talent assessments for self-improvement strategies and to improve inefficiencies. The grocer’s CEO was also skeptical of the value to the business of improving hiring processes and employee morale.

The Solution: 
Wade Johnson, who served as president and CEO of the hospital from January 2012 to April 2014, 
stepped in to develop new workplace engagement and job fit strategies based off of Dr. Hank’s TTI TriMetrix HD and job benchmarking solutions. His goal was to increase employee morale and executive leadership to add profit.

The Results: 
One year after implementing these strategies, Pen Bay turned a profit of about $4.5 million.

During the turnaround process, which included an off-campus retreat and quarterly leadership development meetings for Pen Bay’s 13-member executive team, action plans were developed to create greater self-awareness and team building.

More Results: 
“We were investing in our people, and that leveraged them to strengthen the organization,” Johnson explained. “Everyone on board was thrilled and excited to see change happening. These were folks who wanted to be better and do better.”

Johnson conceded employees who were looking to leave Pen Bay before he came on board saw the shift in organizational approach and stayed on with the hospital.

In addition, one employee who has been with Pen Bay for more than 25 years expressed to Johnson that he couldn’t recall a time when relationships were stronger between staff, physicians and the board of directors due to the implementation of behavioral assessments.

The Aha: 
Indeed, a concept in assessing individuals’ behaviors and motivators that initially seemed “out of left field” for many employees ultimately made clearer their daily expectations and how to meet goals. And, more importantly, through increased employee engagement, Wade Johnson 2

patient satisfaction also improved!  “Bottom line, our patients have better experiences when we have happy employees,” Johnson said. “A platform was created to implement change.”

If you are interested boosting your profits, employee engagement and morale contact me for further information of my time proven process to increase your bottom line.

Expect the best,

Dr. Hank

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