Raising Your Point of Attraction

We all have a point of attraction that we have created through out thought.  If you are feeling bad and not receiving the things you are asking for your point of attraction is low.  If you would like to feel better and start receiving more of what you are asking for simply complete these questions (writing them out is best as it will provide YOU even better clarity):

Raising Your “Point of Attraction!” 

1. I intend to receive __________________________________.

2. Why I want what I intend is ___________________________…

3. Why I KNOW I will have what I intend: ___________________…

The 3 easy ways to focus your thoughts and then get what you want are these:

  • I think in the direction of what I want!
  • I think in the direction of receiving it!
  • I think in the direction of joyous expectation!

You are now on your path to being a Top-Performer 🙂