The Loving Energy of Money

Money is simply vibrational energy!  Money has come from our vibrational currency, which is our thought!

Does money come from some other planet?  Is there a pipeline of money coming into the world?  There were no billionaires in the last century and now there are 5 billionaires who are worth a trillion dollars!

So where is this money coming from?  It comes from our thought!  Money is vibrational energy from our thought!  

As we spend our vibrational currency, it is automatically replenished as it is mentally spent, due to the law of attraction!  

This automatic money replenishment can be in our physical experience when We are aligned in Our happiness and with God, Our INNER BEING!

As We exchange the currency of money in our minds, You will start experiencing money in Your bank accounts  

So start writing out checks each day for thousands of dollars, start writing down the things You want to exchange with money for things You want, places You want to go and spend, spend, spend in Your mind!

As You spend in Your mind You will see the replenishment of money flow into Your experience!!!

That’s easy and so it is easy!  

Dr. Hank

Live in Your Good Feelings

Our thoughts create emotions…

We can move about in Life happily as We care most about how We FEEL 😇

As You FEEL better, Your point of attraction rises and You will attract more of all the things You desire!

When You want it and believe it, You will have it!  Observe Your thoughts and if they feel good, then You are on Your path!

Allow God to whisper in Your mind to be quiet and LISTEN…be ready to listen and ASK to be HAPPY!

As You listen, as You desire to be HAPPY, as You quiet Your mind, You will be at one with God and be guided to the Divine Life.

This is how to live in Your good feelings and BE at one with the Infinite!

I Love You,
Dr. Hank 

Let’s Make the Best of it!

As We have DELIBERATE INTENT We can make the best of everything!

You can choose the direction of Your thoughts and this is all You need to be on Your path to all that You want!

There is never a moment in time that You can’t ASK to be shown the way!  There is never a time when You can’t ASK for a better feeling thought!  And this is all You need for more relief, for the next step and for the answers and solutions!

You have access to everything that You desire, in this red hot moment, by turning in the direction of what thought feels better!

Soothe Yourself, support You, feel good about where You stand right now, and then You shall be shown the way!

This is how to make the best of it!

I Love You,

Dr. Hank

Being a Deliberate Creator!

Most experience life by default!  We have been taught to try to manipulate the outside world when it really is an inside job!

We get to choose in each moment our own point of attraction!  As We deliberately choose what We desire and love, instead of choosing what is going on, We become the deliberate Creators that We were meant to be and are!

It’s just one turning point at a time, turning to what feels better, that will lead You to all that You desire!

Just do Your best on feeling better!

Care most about how You feel right now!

You are the Creator of Your own reality!  Everything is responding to how You feel, bringing about more thoughts, people, and circumstances to make You feel better in magical and delightful ways!

And this is the way to being a Deliberate Creator and having all of Your dreams come true!

I Love You,
Dr. Hank 

You Can Do it!

The good news is that You can do it!  You can have the desires You seek easily and quickly!

You have struggled, been angry, unhappy, and exhausted!  This all leads to the other side, to the wanted side, and is creating more and more loving energy to what You do want Blessed One 😇

As We stop beating the drums of where We are and what We don’t like, the doors of a brighter future open for Us 💝

As You take it easy, realize that there is no race to win or battle that You think there is!  You intended to feel good and You can when You understand this…

You only need to be two things that are at two different energy levels!  

  1. The first is simply to ASK, to think about what You love, like, and want!
  2. The second is to be in a state of receiving and allowing it in!

You can give up the struggle and frustration!  You don’t need to figure it out!  You can step out of the battle and step into this marvelous Life as You think about what You want and then let it in, for You Can Do It!

I Love You,
Dr. Hank 

Seeing Through The Eyes of Your Higher Power

As We relax, take it easy and breathe deeply, We become connected to Our Higher Power!

You intended to feel good and enjoy more and here is a way to have this and more of Your Dreams come true! 

There is a difference between the vibration of Your problems and the answer to Your problems!  Einstein said that You can’t fix the problem at the energy level of the problem!

Similarly and most importantly, the energy level when You ASK is different than the energy level when You receive it! You are lined up with Your Higher Power, and at one with Your desires, where what You want will flow into Your experience.

You have been asking the equivalent of many lifetimes for the things that You want!  It is now time for You to stop asking, stop trying so hard, stop working so much, stop sacrificing and now stand and see through the eyes of Your higher power and be in the receiving mode!

This is done by being where the energy is to receive, no longer asking, and instead of being relaxed, allowing and receiving as You allow the Father to do the work!

Do You want to know more about jumping into the receiving stream of energy?  Of course, You do so set up a call with Me, and let’s make more of Your dreams come true 💝

I Choose Abundance!

Most are sooo fixated on what they don’t have yet, that it is the main reason why they are don’t have it!

As You ignore anything that You don’t have yet, and instead focus on Your abundance, You will have it all! 

Choose these thoughts of abundance instead 

I surrender My past and present, for more abundance!

I have an abundance of thoughts that I can choose from!

I have an abundance of emotions that I can enjoy!

I have an abundance of choices where I can make My future brighter!

I have an abundance of interesting things to focus on!

I have an abundance of people and situations that I can enjoy!

I feel My abundance!

I feel My worthiness!

I feel the abundance of God and all that is focused on Me!

I feel the energy that creates worlds within My being!

Oh My, as My cup now overflows with abundance, and as I choose to only focus on these abundant thoughts and the abundance of all that I am, then I can receive all that I now ask for!

I Love You,
Dr. Hank 

I Go Deep and Become Meek!

As I breathe in, I breathe in the healthy oxygen that creates more health and allows Me to go deeper.

As I breathe out, I release and let go of the world and go further deeper within.

Every breathe I take is a comforting and healing breathe.  Softly and deeply I now relax and fall deeper into Love.

I have chosen a deeper more exciting and loving experience with My Inner Being.  I rest, relax and comfort Myself in this deep stillness, quietness and meekness.

I now expand Myself in celebration to My True Self, the Truth of Me, the expression of My core level.

I now free and release this inner Divine energy that has always been here for Me.  I am open to this new energy, My best self, the Divine Self.

This creates My awakening of My intuitive Self that is inside of Me and who knows all!  I am emerged in the subtleties and amazing opportunities that come from the natural truth of Me.

I’m in the natural, creative and loving state that feels so good!  Life, happiness and prosperity comes to Me now in this deep place of the most high.

My core is strengthened, enlightened and I am now living the Divine, sacred Life.  I am validating Me and the essence of who I really am, pure Love.

This is My time to be meek and everything I think, feel and sense now comes from My core.  In God’s energy, ever-flowing from within and of My True Self.

I am tuned into the quietness, orientated back to who I am with joy, freedom and loving energies.

I breathe in the healing oxygen to heal Me, relax Me and be emerged in this deep love, never before experienced as I tap into the still love of My Inner Self, the Kingdom Within.

Water refreshes Me and cleanses Me as I celebrate these exciting times.  Being Divinely Guided by My True Self.

I drift and float down deeper, like a feather, going deeper on My celebratory path.  I am light as a feather, feeling My Oneness, guided in the now, to the glory as I am enough, I choose this Divine deeper blissful path now.

I now receive this deep impression, taking Me to the Love that I am.  My thoughts, feelings and physical self are now aligned to the depth of who I am.  I am meek, releasing all preconceived ideas, and allowing Myself to be at One with Me who is deep within.

For this I give thanks.  And so it is.  Amen

Find The Good Feeling Place!

You no longer need to manipulate the world!  You no longer need to force things to come about!  You can walk away from the efforting!  No more sacrificing!  No more working hard!

This is about how You are thinking and what You are feeling!  It is about Your feelings and the ability for You to let it in!  You can find the “Good Feeling Place”  to allow Your dreams to flow to You, easily and gracefully!  

As You convey these on purpose, with deliberate thoughts about what You desire, what You ENJOY  and LOVE, then and only then will You thrive, and everyone around You WILL thrive!

You are magnificent Divine One!  As You connect with Your Higher Power, as You choose to awaken to Your all creative ability, as You feel better, then You will find the place of the most High, in the place where You feel better!

Let’s hang around with the thoughts that feel better!  For whatever thoughts You send out, You become a vibrational match to it and then You will get more of it!

Your Higher Power shall turn Your  thoughts into Your experience!  For all of Your thoughts will be electrified, Your prayers will be answered, and Your cup shall overflow as You stand in “The Good Feeling Place!”.

Start thinking about WHO You want to attract, WHAT You want to attract, and WHY You want it!  It is not Your business to do the HOW, for this is God’s play and allow “The Father To Do The Work!”.  These words I speak are not my own, but “My Father who lives in Me and does the work through me.” (John 14:10)

I Love You,
Dr. Hank 

The Best of Times!

There has never been a time that is more advantageous to You than right now!

There has never been a time for the most satisfying experiences of Deliberate Co-Creation for You, than right and right here!

You are at the right place and right time!

As We EXPECT beyond what We are seeing and experiencing, the fruits of Life shall flow to You like a gentle mountain stream 🙂

You will now have new moments where You see clearly and feel sooo good!

Let’s together give up the need to be right, give up making such a big deal about what had gone on and what is going on…let’s embrace together the expectations of the good life that We have dreamed about!

And then, and only then, can You have The Best of Times!

I Love You, Dr. Hank